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Fell in love hard with your work, wow!

A question by thebelovedreturn

You’re so sweet - thank you!  
And thank YOU for following <3

A is for Antelope. Evening painting and Led Zeppelin music 💕

Are you familiar with furrylittlepeach?? Some of your artworks remind me very much of hers

A question by Anonymous

Few days ago one girl asked me the same question, because my girls illustrations:  and 
reminded her illustrations of furry little peach. At that time I didn’t even know her works, but I checked her out and discovered that we admire the same artist- Audrey Kawasaki and maybe being inspired by the same artists is the reason it looks somehow similar.
Btw. I think that furry little peach’s illustrations are great and I added her to my Inspirational Artists list :) 

More black paint! Autumn is comming poppy girl…


taking selfies of your face with the flash on is the #1 way to destroy confidence

hahaha :D 

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Whales need some space.
Love nature ♥  and get some art with this little sweetheart HERE: